More about family dentistry


How often should we visit the dentist?

Regular check-ups are recommended to ensure the on-going health of your teeth and mouth. Generally, we recommend getting a check-up once or twice a year, but that may vary depending on your specific needs.

Take your child in for a first visit at about three years of age. This will help your child build trust with the dentist! We make sure that your children are treated with the utmost care. In fact, some of our staff dentists are specially trained to treat kids.

  • Understanding the patient

    Each patient’s needs will vary according to certain factors: smoking habits, dental hygiene routine, general health (disease, injury), etc. To better understand you and provide a more accurate diagnosis of your oral health, your dentist will ask you a series of health questions to note in your dossier.

  • Routine check-ups

    During routine visits, we will, of course, remove tartar from your teeth and check for cavities. We will also screen to spot the development of malocclusion and early symptoms of oral cancer.

  • Taking x-rays

    Dentists commonly take radiographs (or x-rays) to facilitate diagnosis. Radiography presents no risk to the patient. The images obtained will help your dentist detect the presence of gum disease and cavities, as well as filling erosion and other potential abnormalities.


Getting regular dental check-ups for every member of the family will help maintain the oral health of everyone. These appointments are also a good opportunity to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Even if you have a good oral hygiene routine, it’s important to get your teeth occasionally cleaned by a dentist.


A thorough dental cleaning will:

  • Meticulously clean the surface of your teeth, as well as fillings
  • Eliminate tartar and plaque that could lead to gum disease
  • Get rid of stains on your teeth

We reserve special time-slots each day for patients requiring emergency appointments.

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