A revolutionary procedure!

Over the years, teeth—and even restorations—will naturally wear down and get damaged. Your restorations are especially put to the test, becoming fragile and prone to breaking over time.

Thanks to CEREC technology, it’s now possible to reinforce your teeth and regain that initial solidity that traditional restorations cannot provide.

CEREC protects your tooth and greatly extends its longevity. Even the quality of your chewing will improve!

More about CEREC


What is the CEREC technology?

CEREC technology is a revolutionary, computer-assisted procedure that enables us to develop and manufacture highly effective and long-lasting ceramic restorations.
  • Need analysis

    As with any treatment, a dental exam is required beforehand to determine if your condition can benefit from CEREC technology.

  • Only one visit required

    With CEREC, we can completely or partially replace a damaged or missing tooth with a crown or ceramic veneer—in just one visit!

  • 3D scans

    Your new tooth will be custom made using 3D scanning technology that’s available in the clinic. You can even watch the machine in our cutting-edge laboratory unit manufacture your tooth in real time!

  • Ceramic that mimics enamel

    To date, dental ceramic is the closest material to natural dental enamel, both in its physical and aesthetic properties. Highly resistant and natural in appearance, a CEREC tooth will last for many years, never changing and never discolouring.



Your dentist will use a miniature digital camera that looks like a pen to capture images of your tooth. So you won’t be asked to bite down on that awkward impression device that often causes patients to gag.

Images are then sent to the CEREC software, which will generate a 3D model. This virtual model will then be transferred to the manufacturing equipment, which will build your custom-made ceramic restoration. The dentist can then immediately set the restoration in your mouth.


CEREC technology has many advantages:

  • The only material able to reinforce what’s left of your tooth
  • Long lasting (often more than 20 years!)
  • Biocompatibility (perfectly mimics the natural enamel of your tooth and does not contain metal or mercury)
  • Only one visit required (and thus, only one local anaesthetic)
  • No impressions or temporary solutions required while waiting for the final restoration to be manufactured in an external lab

We reserve special time-slots each day for patients requiring emergency appointments.

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