More about implantology


What is implantology?

Implantology is a surgical branch of dentistry dedicated to inserting a titanium post (a biocompatible material) into the bone of the jaw, which is then capped with a single tooth (crown or bridge), or a full or partial dental prosthesis, in order to replace natural teeth.

These titanium posts can be implanted in the bone of the mandible (lower jaw) or/and the maxilla (upper jaw); they replace the root of the tooth and become naturally integrated with the bone during the healing that follows the implant process. The prosthesis must be fixed during a second appointment, once the jaw has had time to heal (between 2-4 months later).

In recent years, implantology has seen many advances, both technologically and medically. Dental implants have become the most recommended treatment for patients dealing with missing teeth.

  • Time to replace missing teeth!

    Dental implants can replace one or more teeth. For many, implantology is an ideal solution that very closely mimics original dentition. In fact, the aesthetics, effectiveness and comfort are reminiscent of your natural teeth.

  • Preventing bone loss

    Dental implants also help with preventing bone loss. When you lose one or more teeth, the bone of your jaw is affected. Without that stimulation, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate and muscles progressively lose tone until they atrophy.

  • Stabilizing your prosthesis

    Implants stabilize dental prostheses, making it impossible to lose your upper dentures while speaking or eating. Also, with upper dentures, the palate is clear of all materials, so you won’t feel any uncomfortable rubbing from acrylic or metal, for example. This also preserves your ability to discern taste and whether food is hot and cold. For wearers of partial dentures, dental implants mean no visible (and thus unattractive) metal hooks.


At Centre Dentaire Île-Perrot, we have built an excellent implantology department that stands out as one of the best in the region. This is why dentists work with professionals with a lot of experience in implantology, namely Dr Philippe Martineau (periodontist specialist) and Dr Mathieu Lenis (specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgeon).

We offer complete implantology services under one roof—no outside referrals necessary! The surgical work performed by our specialists is also done in the clinic, enabling us to work in close collaboration and deliver optimal results.



  • Gives the face more muscle tone—in fact, bone loss following loss of a tooth will change your smile and even the shape of your face, which will sag.
  • Helps you eat different types of food as if you had natural teeth. So bite into that apple with confidence!
  • Eliminates sources of pain, like abscesses, that can come with wearing dentures.
  • Avoids the awkwardness and discomfort of wearing dentures, thus improving your self-esteem and confidence!

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