Common forms of gum disease

  •  Gingivitis: An inflammation of the gums triggered by bacteria, gingivitis is caused by dental plaque.
  • Periodontal abscess: Caused by bacterial infection, periodontal abscess is characterized by pain, localized redness and pus discharge from the periodontal pocket.
  • Periodontitis: This is a serious gum infection that inflames the tissues that surround and support teeth. Periodontitis can be chronic, aggressive or related to other diseases (cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc.).

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Healthy gums for healthy teeth

Don’t forget that bones and gums support your teeth. If you don’t have a healthy periodontium, it will be more difficult to keep your teeth over the long term. Infection of the gums, in particular, can also have grave consequences on your general health.
  • Regular check-ups

    During every visit, your dentist will perform a careful examination of your gums, which will help you keep your teeth longer and support your overall health. Don’t let a periodontal problem ruin the quality of life that having healthy, natural teeth can deliver.

  • Treatment

    In the earlier stages, gum disease can often be treated with a thorough cleaning to remove tartar, brushing teeth twice daily and flossing every day to eliminate plaque.

  • Periodontist

    A periodontist will only intervene in more serious cases. At Centre Dentaire Île Perrot, we have the good fortune of working with Dr. Philippe Martineau, a periodontic specialist who frequently treats our patients. You won’t need to be referred elsewhere… a fact that improves the effectiveness of our treatments and follow-ups!


Although not all forms of gum disease present symptoms, signs such as inflammation, bleeding, receding gum lines and bad breath could signal a problem in your mouth.

Even if you practice good dental hygiene, it’s always a good idea to get your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist.



Regular check-ups with your dentist help you:

  • Prevent infections and disease
  • Enjoy healthy gums
  • Keep your teeth longer

We reserve special time-slots each day for patients requiring emergency appointments.

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